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Jacynthe de Margerie


Jacynthe de Margerie started painting in earnest in 1984, prior to which, while living in a Benedictine community in the province of Quebec, her art education developed through
self-directed and independent studies. Jacynthe explored different forms of art but finally settled on painting. At the time her works were representational, but the strong influence of Monique Bégin-Langevin and the discovery of the unlimited possibilities of acrylic paints launched her in the abstract direction.


Jacynthe now works exclusively in acrylics, on gallery wrapped canvases. Her style has become with time more abstract with the occasional foray in a touch of whimsical, realistic representation.

Color in light: light in color. This is what Jacynthe strives for in her work as she is inspired by everything beautiful: nature, music, words, moods…

Her palette is mostly warm but Jacynthe is not afraid to venture in a different color direction if necessary to convey the emotion that drives her. No color is off limits!


Jacynthe is the ‘youngest’ of a family of nine children. She was born and raised by French-Canadian parents in the heart of Saskatchewan  - land of open skies and oceans of grain fields  -. After living for some years in the province of Québec, she now lives in Saskatoon, SK. CANADA, with her husband Ronald Rivard.


Jacynthe was ‘Artist in Residence” in 1984-85 for the francophone ‘Commission Culturelle’ of Saskatchewan.

She subsequently taught art for several years mainly in French speaking communities, while free-lancing in the Graphic Arts for different French organizations.

In 2006, Jacynthe started participating in different juried exhibition across Saskatchewan and has won awards for several years…


2006  - 1st prize - Saskatchewan Native Flowers Society Art Contest
          - 2nd prize - Multicultural - SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts
          - 2nd prize - Water medium - SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts
          - 1st prize   - Theme Class  - SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts

2011  - 2nd prize - Water medium - SaskatoonEXShowcase of Arts –
          - 1st prize  - Theme Class - SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts

2012  - Peoples Choice Award  - SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts
             - 2nd prize - Multicultural Class -  SaskatoonEX Showcase of Arts                         
             - 1st prize and Best of Show –   
             - Theme  - Saskatoon EShowcase of Arts

2013  - 1st prize - Acrylic  SaskatoonEX Showcase of Art - 
              - Solo Show - La Fédération des  Francophones de Saskatoon
              - TV Interview on French CBC
              - Member of the Mendel Art Gallery

2015   -  Member of XANADU Art Business Academy



                   2014  - XANADU Studios, Scottsdale, AZ
                   2015  - XANADU Studios, Scottsdale, AZ



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                   Gisele Gilfilan, Kingston, ON
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